India has no dearth of places with history, and same is the case of the state of Madhya Pradesh, where the history has ample treasure hidden in the form of forts, palaces, and other monuments. One of such excellent place is known as Mandu. The city dates back to the 6th century and is also home to the biggest Fort of the country known as Mandu Fort. It also Shelters the monument that inspired the Taj Mahal and is known for spellbinding afghan architecture. According to an ancient text, it is believed that the place got its name from Mandapa Durga. In olden days, it was an important military outpost and is home to the best fort of the country.

JahazMahal of Mandu

This is a unique place, and you will never get to see such an architectural marvel anywhere in the world. It is situated in between two man-made lakes, and it appears in the form of a ship that is floating in the water. It is very tall and has two storeys. It was the resting place for the kings, and it is said that it was built by Giyasuddin Khalji. You will be completely surprised to see the amazing fort of this region.

The gates of Mandu

This is yet another specialty of the town, and you can notice that there is a wall that encompasses the major part of the town. This has over 12 major Gates, and they’re also known as Darwazas. You can notice that the roads pass through many of these Gates and you can also find many smaller Gates that were designed to protect the larger gates. You can notice many ancient arts on these walls, and you will be surprised to see the amazing architecture of the town.


The walls of this palace are sloping towards the side, and hence this palace gets the name Hindola Mahal which means Swing Palace. It was built by Hoshang Shah in the year 1425 and is one of the most prominent buildings of the royal complex. It is believed that the place was used as an audience chamber during the olden days. You can also notice many other structures that are very old surrounding the palace.

The Tomb of Hoshang Shah

This tomb is one of the most impressive tombs you will find in the country, and it is made of marble material. It is said that this was the first marble structure of the country and you can notice amazing architecture in the Afghan style at this place. It is also believed that this place served as the inspiration for the construction of Taj Mahal during that period.

Rewa Kund

This is yet another architectural wonder of Mandu, and you can notice that the reservoir is strategic rebuilt below the pavilion. It is said that the reservoir was constructed by the King BahadurBaz for supplying water to the pavilion of Rani Rupmati. This is also very close to the BahadurBaz Palace, and you can spend a relaxing time at this location. For more places to visit you can click over here.